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Competition Information

27th August 2022

General terms for the World Masters 2022
The World Masters 2022 will be held as an open competition but not part of the world super series of the WDC for this year we are planning to join the world super series AGAIN in 2023) as we have to exclude couples and officials representing Russia.

So for 2022 the participation of representatives of Russia will be in no way possible.



Timetables will be published two weeks before the competition
Qualification rounds: about 13.30 
Final rounds: 19.30 


Entry fees:
The entry fees are EUR 50,- per couple
Please pay the entry fee at the Check-In at the competition office in cash!

Entry fee includes entry to the evening session of the event, tickets can be collected at the competition office.


NEW Prizemoney!

trophies and prize money: Total EUR 36.720,00 (incl. taxes)

1st EUR 6.000,- 7th   EUR 700,- 13th EUR 300,- 19th EUR 300,-
2nd EUR 4.500,- 8th  EUR 700,- 14th EUR 300,- 20th EUR 300,-
3rd EUR 3.500,- 9th   EUR 700,- 15th EUR 300,- 21th EUR 300,-
4th EUR 2.000.- 10th EUR 700,- 16th EUR 300,- 22th EUR 300,-
5th EUR 1.500,- 11th EUR 700,- 17th EUR 300,- 23th EUR 300,-
6th EUR 1.000,- 12th EUR 700,- 18th EUR 300,- 24th EUR 300,-


Judging Panel:

We are very happy to present the judges that accepted our invitation to judge at this year's World Masters (in alphabetical order):

Chairman: Steve Powell - Scotland

Hannes Emrich – Austria
Nicole Hansen – Scotland
Marie Pilgaard – Denmark
Agnieszka Pomorska – Poland
Adam Reeve – Iceland
Gaetano Sentina – Italy
Melinda Törökyörgy – Skufca – Hungary
Denise Weavers – Great Britain
Zhivo Yankov – Greece



All couples competing the World Masters should arrive on Friday or Saturday morning.


The World Masters Qualification Rounds are in the afternoon (around 1.30 pm), In the Evening there are the final Rounds. On Saturday, 27th August, we say Good Bye at a farewell party right after the competition at the competition venue.




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We would suggest to use the Airport Innsbruck (INN) or Munich (MUC) for your travel.

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For the transfer we recommend Four Seasons Travel.

You can book the transfer using this.

The transfer has to be organized by the couples themselves.



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The Ticketsale is carried out by "Ö-Ticket"!
All Tickets are available online at www.oeticket.com,
or directly at one of the ticket agencies
or call the hotline +43 512 34 10 34.


More information about prices and categories!


Competition venue:

Info 600x300px congress

Congress Innsbruck

Rennweg 3, 6020 Innsbruck


Opening hours competition office:

Saturday, August 27th: 9.00 - 21.00

For any further questions don't hesitate to contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.